Episode #0 - Introductions, rambling, babbling, and awkward laughter

Okay, its here! Signed, sealed, delivered! First things first, this is not my finest work. You probably know that, as I have littered the ID3 tags, titles, and iTunes summaries with comments that may indicate that such a thing is the case... but... TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL!?! 

Okay, back to reality... This is the first episode, and I don't really know what I'm doing. I am still going to put it out there for the digital frontier to judge me as it will ;) And I can't help but make fun of myself, because I do know how bad this one is. I just had to get something out there so that I could start building on it and improving... Just like learning audio... no?

So I just yammer on about my background and upbringing, and some of my goals and thoughts for what this podcast might be. I have a lot of ideas, and this is the first step to taking action and materializing them. I also discuss some recent projects that I have been working on, such as the SongBlog Project with my good friend, Patrice Savioe and his wife Alison (aka: Paliatsky). 

Oh yeah, and here's my social media links:

@PeanutRecordingCo (tweet tweet)