Episode #5 - Mike Pedersen Interview


First off, I'd like to apologize for the lull between episodes. It has been over a month and my goal right now is to get at least some sort of episode out every other week. Due to the cat incident, a few things, such as the podcast, had to hit the back burner as my audio computer was in the shop.


Mike Pedersen, of Music City Studio in Kelowna, BC, joined us this week for a conversation revolving around his experience with studio ownership. Mike has played drums in professional bands, such as the Unknown Culprits, before returning to BC and opening up his recording operation. Out of his facilities, he runs a recording studio, rehearsal hall, and educational courses for the basic skills of recording and mixing.

As of late, he has just finished work with the band My Kind of Karma, on their latest album, Beautiful Little Fools, which was pressed onto vinyl, in addition to its release on digital mediums. He also discusses his studio construction, and his experience with the Soundproofing Company.

I found his approach to preproduction fascinating, as he uses the "Three strikes, you're out!" rule for recording takes. That is to say, he encourages the artists to take some time to rehearse their parts further if they are struggling and haven't got a good performance in the first few takes.

Upcoming Project: Tiger Moon

For bookings, Mike can be contacted at:
E: info@musiccitystudio.ca
P: (250) 801-8445



  • NEWS - Spectrasonic releases Keyscape virtual instrument
  • NEWS - Behringer releases DeepMind 12 analogue hardware synth (no official web page yet, but lot's of info on third party sites)
  • I discuss backup options after my close call