There are several great ways to show your appreciation for the show...


Thank you for taking the time to listen to the Home Recordist Podcast! I am very grateful to have the listening audience that I do. If you wish to support the show, here are a couple ways to go about it:


1) Donations

Yes, the most obvious! Donations of any size really help to keep the podcast going and growing. One time, or reoccurring monthly donations can be made - its your choice. Think of this as our virtual tip jar.



2) Amazon Affiliates Program

If you buy on Amazon, this is a great way to help us. By using our referral link, we may receive kickbacks on some of the products you purchase.


3) Telling a Friend

By telling a friend about the podcast, or about Peanut Recording Company, we may receive some trickle-down business, which will, in turn, help fund the podcast. If you get value from the who, and you know anyone else who would, please tell them, and help spread the word.


4) Advertise with US

Currently, the Home Recordist Podcast has no sponsorship. It is very important for the show to remain unbiased as it is intended to be informational, however, I would consider sponsorship ONLY if it is a brand or product that I truly believe in. If you represent a manufacture or company, and think that this may be you, please get in touch with me through the "Contact" page of the website.