Our larger "live" room is our primary recording space. It is great for recording drums and other acoustic instruments, and it features lively vaulted ceilings. It is also large enough to track a rock band live-off-the-floor, if one desired. We also have a smaller control/mix room. 





Outboard RME Fireface UFX
Universal Audio 4-710d
Audient ASP008
Colour Palette
Microphones Lauten Audio Oceanus LT-381
Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387
Lauten Audio Torch ST-221 (x2)
AKG C414 XLS (x2)
Austin Ribbon Model 3
Placid Audio Carbonphone and Tonebox
Shure SM7B
Heil PR48
Heil PR40
Heil PR31 (x2)
Heil PR30B (x2)
Heil PR28 (x3)
Heil PR22 (x2)
Sennheiser e901
Instruments Hammond L102 (modified)
Pearl Vision 7pc Drum Kit
Fender Precision Bass
Vantage Bass
Assorted Percussion
Amps + Cabs
Fender Hotrod DeVille 212
Leslie 760
Miscellaneous MoogerFooger ClusterFlux
Morley Power Wah
Talkbox (DIY)