Our Story:

Peanut Recording Company is a professionally equipped project studio nestled in the suburbs of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. We are exceedingly passionate about music, and enriching the music community, and because of this, it is our mission to make music production accessible to everyone. As we do not have the exorbitant overhead of a high end studio, we are able to provide artists with budget-friendly recording services, without compromising the fidelity of their music. We have achieved this by carefully investing in quality equipment and acoustic treatment, to provide a solid front end for your audio, making Peanut Recording Co. a comfortable, creative place for you to make your next record! 


At the heart of Peanut Recording Co. is owner and recordist Peter Corbett. He believes that despite commoditization of it in recent times,  music is not a product, but the lifeblood of society. To him, music is the rhythm of your morning jog, and the heartbeat of your commute to work, as you file through the city alongside thousands of people doing the exact same thing. It is the connective tissue that unites us, regardless of gender, race, or social standings, and the best way to communicate with each other when we cannot find the words. It is how we convey love, hope, fear and sorrow. It is, unquestionably, the backtrack of life. And it is because of this that Peter Corbett is convinced that he has the best job on the planet, and also why he feels that he has the responsibility to provide everyone with the means to share their music with the world.

So why record at a project studio? Well, you shouldn't, if you don't want to, but it has always been our objective to blur the lines between home and commercial recording. Recently, technological advances have spurred the home recording revolution, and thus enabling all musicians the ability to make a professional-quality record, without the backing of a major record label. Although skeptics may be quick to note that this may be the result of the music industry's downturn, we feel that it is an opportunity to empower artists, by providing them with the tools to create art, and that such an opportunity shouldn't be ignored. So why record at a project studio, much less, this project studio? The best answer that we can give you is the chance to work alongside people who care about your music, and have a vested interest in your success (whatever successful music career means these days). 

Sample work:

What we are NOT:

  • We are not a multi-million dollar commercial recording facility, with a lounge, catering, and studio assistants, nor do we charge as if we were. We are not pretending that we are a purpose-built studio. If we are working on a larger project, you are welcome to share my living room and I may cook for you.
  • We are not focused around a large-format recording console, such as a Neve or SSL. We are currently operating a sleek and ergonomic "in-the-box" workflow. We have invested in great microphones and preamps to ensure that we have a fantastic signal path.
  • We are not flaunting a vast collection of expensive gear to sell our services. We love gear - we geek out on it... but we'd rather that our quality of work be the determining factor. As a measure of transparency, photos of our space, and some of the equipment has been posted to this website. This is merely to reassure prospective clients that our space is comfortable with a pleasant vibe, and that our gear is adequate for their recording job. We can record 16 channels of audio simultaneously, which is typically enough to record a band live-of-the-floor, and yes, we can record drums.
  • We are not an inexperienced bedroom producer with one microphone and a laptop. While gear is by no means the most important ingredient when making a record, it is crucial to have adequate equipment to get the job done. This is not meant to knock all of the cats who make a kick-ass EDM track with just one mic and a laptop!

We don't just help musicians...

Here at Peanut Recording, we love to spread the knowledge (knowledge is power, right?). It is for this reason that we have started a blog and podcast. These are intended to help home recordists just starting out to get on the right track, and also provide valuable tips, tricks and techniques to seasoned recording enthusiasts We also aim to provide industry news and information on products that will be of value to home recordists. But above all, the focus is community. By helping each other, we will all thrive! 

We are also crazy about DIY, as we feel that this is the ultimate expression of both community and creativity. Here are the studio, we boast Austin ribbon mics, home-made acoustic treatment, and the fabulous Colour Palette saturation unit, brought to us by the good folks at DIYrecordingequipment.com. As an added bonus, DIY projects can often yield results that are more customizable and cost-effective than their retail counterparts.